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Emerging Queens, NY Artist R.G.N Raf Unleashes New Single "18 Poppin" ft. Davee

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Emerging Queens, New York artist R.G.N Raf is surely one to watch on NYC’s radar as he comes into 2023 with his foot on the gas. Today, he released his newest single titled “18 Poppin” featuring Davee, and it’s definitely a great addition to 2023’s early playlists. Alongside Davee, R.G.N Raf delivers solid lyricism on “18 Poppin” leaving listeners ready for an encore.

"18 Poppin" gives an organic New York vibe, generally providing an upbeat and hard-hitting twist. R.G.N Raf and Davee both set themselves aside from the hype and show their unique sounds and personas on the new track. With several other amazing releases on the way, the Queens-based emcee has a bunch of heat under his belt and "18 Poppin" featuring Davee is only the beginning of something big.

With his music career jump starting in his teenage years, the early twenty-something has genuinely kept his passion flowing through the mic -- and this raw talent can be heard in stellar releases like "18 Poppin". For those new to R.G.N Raf, make sure to take a listen below:

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