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Edot Baby Wake Up Call: " E with the Dot "

Edot Baby dropped a 7-song mixtape on March 18th titled “E With the Dot”. From what I’ve heard he had come with his A-Game, developed his craft and left his listeners with proof that he is only going to get better. He is only the age 17, considering this fact, this young man is extremely talented and has potential to become a well known artist. The artist uses this 7-song EP to let his listeners know that his energy in and out of the booth is unmatched. He had a very fortified, guarded, stern stance when it came to his gang, his brothers/ family, and his hood; nothing was going to be taken away easily and he’d be the first to step up and protect what he had claimed.

" That Feelin’ "

This intro song was an attention getter, and set the tone for the rest of the mixtape.

This song let every listener know that he was going to be in “That Feelin’” for the entire mixtape and more importantly “That Feelin’” is nothing to ignite when he is outside, in the field in real life. “He don’t do the net, he just keep it tucked” - “On the gang I forget I do music”, his energy is like that whether he is in the booth or not. Not every rapper could stand on such words confidently.

" Bangin’ for Bro "

“Cant go, can’t lack, I keep a knockin’ I’m quick to attack... I do drills and the opps spin

tracks.” - He set the tone with the intro and followed up repping his set and repping everything he stands for. It doesn’t sound like he’s one that gives up easily when it comes to catching a target that may slip away. He passionate about his loved ones and he’s going to do what’s necessary to see his bro smile down on him.

" 3 Peat " ( ft Sha EK)

How I see it they been winning in the booth, in the streets and financially and this is

their form of 3 peat. Who is going to step to them? Who is going to stop them? Clearly not the opposition and they intend to keep on winning.

" Geek "

This instrumental was very upbeat and filled with hype lyrics, his rhythm and flow were

extremely captivating. Just know he is always on timing; for sure he is going to geek on any beat, please do not let him bump into an enemy because I’m sure he’ll have a fatal remedy. In this song he states his stance as being alert of his surroundings, especially when he is dealing with any form of female. This music video has accumulated 725 thousand views in only 1 month. The visuals in the video took place in Manhattan, he was on a party bus with his friends and I feel that speaks to why he has been a rising artist within the drill scene. He is simply having fun with his musical craft.

" We Back pt. 2 " ( ft. Dee Play4Keeps)

Personally this one of my favorite songs on the mixtape. Partly because Dee

Play4Keeps, the featuring artist, complimented Edot Baby’s style. Edot’s voice is pitched higher, where as Dee Play4Keeps has a lower pitched voice. They both took turns surfing the beat, it felt like they both had control over the instrumental. Their lyrics didn’t feel rushed, and their timing was impeccable, regarding the switching out verses and turns that they took. This song in particular is capable of putting you in a trance like vibe, the background woodwind instrument was very meditative.

" Friday Night "

The intro to this song was beautiful. Kanye West’s “Violent Crimes” was used as a

sample. The producers of Friday Night, Kino & IV, had played their role to perfection. Just know you don’t want to be caught on a Friday Night, “Off the yerky in grinch mode ... and his aim too official”. With such a a heavenly beat and devious lyrics made this song an experience.

" Body "

This song had used another beautiful sample, Amaarae’s “Sad Girls Luv Money” song was used ingeniously. The instrumental literally had body, the 808’s, euphoric rings/ bells, and background snares, kicks and high hats made this beat particularly unique. Combined with his flow and tone bought an opposing presence. It very much meshed together in a peculiar way - like the beat was sort of calming while his rapping bought the listener back to reality, like his voice was a wake up call.

In conclusion this is a talented artist that can accomplish huge feats in the music industry if he is surrounded with people that care to see him have a successful career. He is definitely an artist to be on the look out for. Keep in mind that he is only 15-16 years old, there is more than enough room for him to develop his craft. I think for his age the flow and rhythm that he has developed is incredible! Look forward to hearing the new music he continues to make.

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