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"Days Before The Riots" - Fendé

Living in the Digital Age, technology is advancing at a pace that we as consumers can barely keep up with, and the same can be said for music. The lines between genres blur more and more every day, as new artists with so many different influences step into the proverbial ring. One artist looking to make themselves stand out among the masses, is Fendé.

The Brooklyn-based rapper enters the game with his debt project, “Days Before The Riots.” It’s not the world’s longest project, as it only has 4 tracks and is 8 minutes long, but a lengthy debut isn’t all you need in order to make a statement, which Fendé certainly does. “INTRO,” serves as exactly that, an introduction to the world we’re about to enter. With an arrangement that makes you feel like you’re ascending towards something, Fendé sings some relatable lyrics about the ambition he’s obtained from growing up through humble beginnings. There’s an atmosphere created by the sonics on this track that definitely translates to the rest of the project, and gives it a bit of a conceptual feel as well, even though I’m not 100% sure that is what the goal is.

Following up is the second track, “RIOT.” Feeding off of the established vibe from the intro track, Fendé wastes no time as some hard hitting drums break through shortly after some hi-hats are introduced to the beat. It’s got an almost gothic feel as an organ is played over the rest of the sounds, also feeling like something out of an epic boss fight. Just as you’re becoming accustomed to the vibe, the beat switches abruptly. I have to say that I wasn’t a fan of the switch at first, as it felt like too much of a contrast, but that was pretty short-lived, as the beat switches for a third time. A crashing riff from a guitar is added to the mix and ushers us into the song's third section, where there are even some Drill elements added to the mix. Fendé finds a pocket in all of these different soundscapes, and flows rather well across them all. As much as I liked the track, though, it ended pretty abruptly, and the ensuing transition into the next track was a bit rough, taking me out of the experience for a moment.

“BROKÉN BOY,” is the third track on the project and has a much more electronic sound than the previous two songs. Fendé’s blend of EDM and Hip-Hop works well, and the Lil Uzi Vert influences couldn’t be clearer. The synths sound pixelated and add a nice texture to the song, but everything becomes that much richer when some deep bass crashes through in its last third and boosts the richness of the track as a whole. It isn’t the most lyrical song, but insightful lyrics and intricate rhyme schemes aren’t always necessary. Sometimes you just want to have fun, and this feels like an embodiment of that sentiment.

Fendé closes the project out with the fourth track, “WICCED.” The EDM influences are back again, but the Trap influences come through just as heavy. Booming drums appear much quicker on the track and bring it to a whole new level. It becomes an engaging track immediately after, holding your attention throughout. Fendé talks about his RIOT crew, and the loyalty they all have towards each other. In line with the idea that RIOT is a movement, the track definitely helps convey that message.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Fendé’s 4-track prelude to what is hopefully a larger EP. I feel like a lot of the musical ideas that are explored here have a lot of potential to them, and I’m excited to see how he and the RIOT crew expand on them in the forthcoming project. His own versatility is also on display, as he manages to deliver compelling performances over beats with a plethora of different sonic elements. Even though there isn’t visibly a lot to offer on the project, Fendé and his team still find a way to effectively communicate an idea and invoke interest in it, in the span of 8 minutes.


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13 de jun. de 2023

Well said🤝🏾

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