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D.C.'s Veeta Venom Brings In Birthday Month With Latest Single

Washington, D.C. native and versatile artist Veeta Venom has dropped a poignant new single, "Waiting To Exhale," highlighting her narrative and poetic talents. In this fresh release, Veeta explores deeply personal themes, drawing from her experiences with motherhood, overcoming cancer, and championing mental health within the LGBTQIA community. She aims for her music to resonate globally, connecting with listeners through universal human experiences.

"Waiting To Exhale" features Veeta’s powerful lyrics paired with an infectious beat, showcasing her sharp and intense songwriting. The track is a testament to her lyrical skill, boasting potent bars that enhance her musical persona. This single offers a glimpse of more music to come, promising fans an intimate look into Veeta’s artistry.

Beyond her musical projects, Veeta Venom is extending her influence by launching her own content network. This platform seeks to expand the scope of Black creativity, providing a voice for her communities and highlighting diverse stories. The network, founded by Veeta herself, is set to premiere additional shows and films soon, underscoring her dedication to creating a space for impactful Black narratives.

Veeta Venom’s "Waiting To Exhale" marks a significant milestone in her artistic journey, reflecting her personal growth and commitment to her craft. As she continues to break new ground in both music and media, Veeta remains a vital force in amplifying marginalized voices and inspiring others through her work.

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