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When the existence of this track was teased, alongside the list of collaborators on the track, one could only imagine what this quartet could cook up. In a time where crosstown rap beef often finds itself outshining the music it inspired, it’s incredibly refreshing to see three hometown heroes link up with a rising star from Jamaica for a track the public never saw coming. Although B-Lovee is credited as the main artist (on DSPs) with Ice Spice, J.I., and Skillibeng listed as features, respectfully, it’s hard to tell upon your first listen. B-Lovee turns in a tight eight bars on the first verse, and another five on the bridge, but once that’s come to pass he disappears entirely. While it’s great to see him step out of his Drill element, I was saddened that his presence on the track was rather limited. The most prominent voice on the track is actually J.I. It’s no surprise that he was left to carry the hook, as his own hooks are some of the strongest parts of his catalog, and it’s clear how well that skill translated on this track. Fresh off of her surging “Munch” fame, Ice Spice’s addition to the track is a welcome one. As another Drill artist who’s stepping out of her comfort zone, her verse left me wanting much more, but in a good way. Her effortless delivery flows well with the low-key vibe of the instrumental, and I would love to see her hop on beats in a similar vein in the future. Skilling's appearance, although minimal in comparison to the other three, is just as efficient. Even though the track would have been fine without him on it, and I personally thought Skillibeng’s appearance was label-fueled more than anything else, he doesn’t come across as out of place and thrives in the little time he has on the mic.

While the grouping stirred headlines, the final product was far from the worst, but also leaves a bit to be desired. With that being said, the track isn’t bad by any means, but with artists like these one would think that the group effort would amount to something a bit more memorable, earning a 3-star rating out of 5.

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