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Coldest Indeed

On this week's dive into new music, I found myself checking out the newest single from Connecticut rapper Yxng QB, “COLDEST.” I enjoy all kinds of music, but sometimes I want something atmospheric to match the mood that I’m in. Sometimes, I’ll listen to something sad to help me through my mood, or I’ll listen to something upbeat if I’m really trying to shine through and feel better. Every now and then, though, I love an energetic track with heavy bass and a chaotic amount of simultaneous sounds. “COLDEST,” checks that last box off for me, and in the best way possible as well.

Yxng QB spits a quick flow on the track, letting us know that he is the coldest and he and he and his crew are not the kind to be taken lightly. The music video has your fair share of stacks being shown and thrown around, asses shaking, sticks toting, crazy lights, and crazier angles of QB and his crew getting down to the music and having a good time. Honestly, his flow on track is almost effortless, as he floats above the booming kick drums that form the bass line of the song. The atmosphere of the track almost feels epic as well, with the piano adding a dimension to the sound that works well in its favor. After listening to this track a few times on my phone, I was pleasantly surprised with the detail of the production when I played it on my surround sound system. If you get my downstairs neighbors knocking on my floor, then you’ve done a good job in my book.

After listening to “COLDEST,” I decided to check out the rest of Yxng QB’s catalog to see what I might have been missing. On Soundcloud, he’s only got a couple of uploads, “COLDEST,” and another track of his, “23,” so I decided to check that one out as well. While I’m not usually the biggest fan of melodic rap, I’ll say that I was definitely bobbing my head to this one as well. I think that his flow definitely shines through on the tracks, but I would definitely like to see him step into the realm of something a little harsher, in terms of sound. Embracing the bass that’s so apparent in “COLDEST,” or something similar. Regardless, I’m open to giving some of the melodic rap a try on this end, and definitely going to be looking out for what Yxng QB puts out next!

Check out Yxng QB on Instagram here

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