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Chopping Up A Classic On “New Chops”

It’s far from controversial to say that Drill is the hottest subgenre in Hip-Hop right now, with indie artists using the wave to blow and mainstream artists beginning to hop on it to keep up with the times. By extension, Sample Drill has become increasingly popular, with more and more drill beats sampling songs and sounds from just about anywhere and everywhere. While on a YouTube deep dive in search of new music to grace my ears with, I came across an artist who’s bound to have some more heat up their sleeves based on what’s already been released. I'm talking about Brooklyn native, Lace God!

Before I get into his new track, let’s get into Lace as an artist. Based out of Bed Stuy (Do or Die!), Lace God has been rapping for at least 5 years now. On his main YouTube channel, “1500 Music,” Lace’s earliest track dropped all the way back in June of 2017. Titled, “Saucin On The H (with Spec H and Shamally),” it’s got a unique sound, while also feeling reminiscent of the Bling-Era beats you would hear someone like 50 Cent on. Considering it’s an early track, Lace God shows potential when it comes to his own performance. He switches his flow up several times, the layering of his vocals helped enhance the melody, and the supporting features really helped fill out the track too.

Since 2017, Lace has dropped several EP’s here and there, mainly on SoundCloud with their respective visuals going on YouTube. His first two solo projects, “Too Much For T.V.,” “Different Breed,” both dropped in 2018. Later that year he followed them up with a collab tape featuring longtime friend Calii Bandzz. 2019 would see him drop his next tape, “Laced Energy,” and his most recent full-length project dropped in 2020, titled “Lace15.” All of these have managed to remain underground hits, with all of the projects getting multiple thousands of listens, but all of the hard work might be paying off with Lace’s latest single, “New Chops.”

Having just dropped on 4/20, “New Chops.” is practically fresh off the press. As previously mentioned, it’s another Sample Drill song. This song takes the opening piano melody of Bonnie Tyler’s timeless hit, “Total Eclipse of The Heart,” and chops it up (in the vein of the song’s name) into a satisfying drill beat that Lace God absolutely slides on. With a flow reminiscent of Fivio Foreign but a cadence all his own, Lace’s rhymes paired with a catchy beat make “New Chops,” a song you should add to your Daily Mix for sure!

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