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Bubbling Artist Sphinxii8 Releases New Project 'Ain't No Such Thing As Friends'

Recently releasing a full-bodied project titled Ain’t No Such Thing As Friends, forthcoming Atlanta-based artist Sphinxii8 is onto a good year and a step up throughout the airwaves. Now available amongst all digital streaming platforms, the 12-song collective is a great introduction for those new to Sphinxii8. Records like "Brokenhearted People" and "Fairytale" really put his artistry on display, alongside the other 10 tracks available.

Pushing it to the limit, Sphinxii8 also released the official "Brokenhearted People" visual, providing extra incentive for supporters and new listeners with some creative quality content.

Accumulating over 5,000 views and counting, Sphinxii8 is on his way up the ladder as he grows his audience amongst each release. Be sure to listen to Ain't No Such Thing As Friends below:

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