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Boppin’ With Bed-Suy’s Briscoe Bands

Over the past two years, we’ve witnessed the rise of Bronx Drill to the national stage. Across the country, people are bumping artists like Kay Flock, DThang, B-Lovee, and many others who hail from the Boogie Down. While The Bronx has secured most of the spotlight, the rest of NYC’s boroughs have been hard at work too, putting the exposure that The Bronx has been getting to good use. Young Drill rappers in Brooklyn are gearing up for their turn in the spotlight, dropping track after track with accompanying visuals as well. One MC making noise is Bed-Stuy’s own Briscoe Bands, whose consistency as of late has been paying off in tremendous ways, making him an artist to watch.

Born and raised in Bed-Stuy, Briscoe Bands started making music around 15 years old but didn’t start taking it seriously until a couple of years later. Influenced by the Drill rappers he listened to while growing up (Curly Savv, 2605, and Bambino to name a few), Briscoe saw what it was doing for others and decided he wanted that for himself as well. Briscoe’s most recent track, “Blixk (with Humble Gz),” was only released a couple of weeks ago, but has racked up almost 25K views on YouTube. A sample drill track based around a loop of the famous opening guitar riff to Nirvana’s classic song, “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” the song's infectious energy and catchy bars leave me surprised as to how it hasn’t taken off sooner. It’s barely two and a half minutes long, but Briscoe’s rapid-fire delivery compliments the booming bass. Honestly, it’s reminiscent of the energy of a Bronx Drill track, without the raspy flow most rappers from the borough incorporate.

If you’re looking for more tracks from Briscoe Bands, he’s got no shortage whatsoever. Although his videos are scattered across different YouTube channels like Raps & Hustles, a YouTube search will bring up all of his tracks with relative ease. Some standout tracks in his catalog are “Splash Bros” with about 14K views, “Up It (with QG Meer & Lil Spazzo)” with 29K views, and “Come Back (with Lil Spazzo)” which has 51K views. These are three of Briscoe’s Best tracks out right now and are definitely the songs you want to tap in with if you’re looking to get in tune with him. Permitting he keeps with the consistency of tracks and visuals, a possibly a song outside of the realm of Drill so he can show some versatility, I see no reason why Briscoe Bands can’t be the next big Brooklyn Drill rapper.

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