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Be On The Lookout for BravoOneHunnit

BravoOneHunnit has been dropping music consistently since 2019, starting with a series of loosies before finally dropping his first album, “Stay Focus 2,” in 2020. As a debut project, it does a great job of establishing what Bravo can do on a complete body of work. Across the 8-song-and -19-minute tracklist, Bravo spits over a variety of Trap beats and speaks on feelings of addiction, suicide, and grief, all while navigating life in the streets. The track, “Lost Skies,” comes to mind as an example of Bravo’s storytelling ability, talking about a young boy whose parent succumbs to their drug habit and leaves their child to essentially fend for themselves. On the flipside, you also have a track like “Lil Foreign,” which is considerably more upbeat than the former. It sees Bravo talking about a foreign girl who has captured his heart, while also speaking on the desire to flex with clothes and cars of a foreign origin as a measure of his success. Although some of the mixes leave a bit to be desired, it is a great proof of concept for what BravoOneHunnit has in mind for his career.

“Suthern Therape,” his second album, dropped later that same year. From the first track, you can tell that it’s meant to be a much different experience. Once again flexing his storytelling chops on the nostalgia-laden “Field Gane,” it is a bouncy track that will have you reflecting on the better days with a hopeful smile, thanks to the solid production and chopped up sample that serves as the backbone of the track’s melody. “Baeck Roads,” is another track that displays the overall vibe the album is going for, detailing a summer fling while chipmunk vocals harp in the background. For a sophomore project, Bravo expands upon some of the sounds he touched with “Stay Focus 2,” but manages to take his sound in a new direction as well with some poppier, sample-heavy records that show he can make music about more than just the emotional pain that comes with street life.

Two years since his last release, BravoOneHunnit has returned with “S.P.A.M.” On this record he keeps with the short-and-to-the-point tracklist, with only 7 songs on the 17 minute project. Having taken so much time between releases only did Bravo good, with a more refined sound apparent from the moment the opening track plays. You can hear Bravo much better, the beats sound more polished, and he’s also begun to slow down his flow a little bit on certain songs. “TwentyFoSevin,” continues to the tradition of chopped up samples on his projects, as he talks about the racing thoughts he deals with on a daily basis, and how overcrowding they can be from time to time. Although his sound has continued to grow, his subject matter has largely stayed the same. In this case, though, it isn’t a bad thing as you rap what you know, and Bravo’s versatility lends itself well to the beats he chooses.

Most recently, Bravo dropped the single, “Blessons”. It follows his winning formula of a chopped up sample alongside various layers of trap drums and hi-hats, Another fun track, his delivery matches the beat’s energy and makes for an absolute banger. This feels like a matured BravoOneHunnit, with a more traditional approach to the song’s structure. The hook is catchy, the rhythm hits, and the sample really helps carry the track’s overall essence. With this piece of music, I think that Bravo has found what works for him, and I’m eagerly awaiting what he does next.

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