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Be Dead or Be Down - Meet 6Roy

6Roy a budding artist from Bedstuy, Brooklyn is making a name for himself. He is repping BD to the fullest and is all about the Better Development in his craft. “Be Dead or Be Down” — 6Roy isn't here to play around, he brings a new vibe with catchy bars and is here to shake the town. Follow him on Instagram @therealnumbasix, where he shares his luxurious lifestyle, jewelry collection, and spontaneous trips with his fans. From what we could see 6Roy seems extremely focused; it's clear he is strictly about music and business, as we can see he is into the marketing and packaging sectors within the cannabis business.

Within the last 10 months, he has dropped 6 music videos and has a sound cloud playlist that consists of other music that he has created. On every track, before he starts you’d hear hyperventilated breathing - and I believe that's his way of letting his audience know that they’re about to hear some pressure, in other words, some fire music. My personal favorites are “Jink Up” - the beat is immaculate and his rhythmically flowed over it with ease, which makes the song a ‘go to’ if you wanted to get in a groovy zone. My other favorite is “Got That Check and Started Rapping”, particularly because he selected a classic hip hop instrumental and stayed true to himself as an artist. He rapidly spits his rhymes and it made the song sound like a fusion of some sorts, classic hip hop beat with a drill laced flow & lyrics.

Recently, he has been creating a buzz and gaining some traction due to his latest single “Oochie Wally Freestyle”. The original Oochie Wally instrumental has always been captivating so to sample it and dress it with synth and snares was very interesting. What I also like, is in the music video version on youtube, he had an additional snippet of a song that sampled Ludwig Van Beethoven’s “Für Elise” which had been famously sampled by Nas for his “I Can” track. I must say 6Roy definitely is more on the experimental side when it comes to making music, selecting beats, and stretching his ability to create a vibe. I definitely look forward to seeing his growth as an artist.

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