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This instrumental was super dope, it sampled Coi Leray’s song, it gave off the drill sensation and also a house dance rhythm. He still made a song to let the streets know that he still got bars, he still not one to play with outside, and he always on point. “She drunk, shawty said she want to rump, but I know she from the app sides, so I’m bringing my gun.” Even if he linking a little pretty young thing for a good time he still have to make sure he is situated for any potential circumstances. “I gotta watch how I move, I cannot get caught lacking, I was spinning.” He’s just moving smarter over all. Even acknowledging that the hip. Hop police is listening, all he wants to do is take his music to the next level as well as his career. Although, the song was only two minutes long, it’s still a great song to get you in the zone. This is personally one of my favorite songs from Bando Black, definitely tune in, I think you’d enjoy.

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