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Updated: Dec 13, 2021

B Lovee recently drops “ Courtlandtbaby “, a fire EP consisting of 6 songs. Although many Hip Hop fans are not familiar with B Lovee’s back story, the Bronx native is creating waves in the underground entertainment industry. Mid-year, A Boogie was featured in one of his music videos. Now, a rapper on the rise may feel like that co-sign is enough but B Lovee didn’t let that slow up the music. As you check out B Lovee’s cover art, he has baby photos of him & his family. This may represent him being the baby of his neighborhood and an ode to the village that helped raise him. B lovee caught my attention when he and Kay Flockaa dropped a song together. The two Hip Hop rising stars have great energy on songs together and are on track to earn a ‘Dynamic Duo’ title. B Lovee’s project is streaming on all platforms. Let’s take a look at “Courtlandbaby”.

1. Hero Hero by B Lovee is him letting his fans know he has people depending on him. Being that he is so young, many consider B lovee a “baby “. He still has tunnel vision because he understands what’s at stake. It takes a long time for “men “ to learn this mindset but B lovee seems to understand his purpose early on. 2. Get down or Lay Down This song is B Lovee’s original raw & authentic sound. If you have been listening to B Lovee, you’ll understand his rawness and aggression. This song was necessary simply because he is assuring folks although he has tunnel vision, he’s going to do what needs to be done.

3. Wonderland This beat is really different to me for an artist like B Lovee. I think this song was B Lovee exercising different sounds & flows. Although the beat is mellow, B Lovee is very lyrical in this song. 4. Ready or Not ft Don Q Don Q is a semi-big feature early in B Lovee’s career. B love doesn’t seem to do many features so this was surprising to me that Kay Flocka wasn’t featured. Don Q was a great collab for this song. There is also a lot of Bronx lingo in this song. A record like this shows B love can keep up with the heavyweights as he held down his verse and the hook effortlessly. 5. Repeat Let’s just say B love enjoys “ talking his sh*t“. On this track, he makes it clear he is very careful maneuvering in the streets & doesn’t want to repeat the same cycle. Although this is a positive message, he’s also saying he can take it there if he has to. The bigger message is he’s on the right track. 6. Only One With this song, B Lovee is implying everyone is the same in all aspects. The lyrics are giving this “if he can do it, I can do it too” attitude. This is a good mentality to have especially in the early stages of his career. Usually, I’m not a fan of EPs so early in an artist career but this EP seemed very much necessary at the moment. There is a lot of talent coming from the Bronx currently & New Yorker artists, in general, are well known for their aggression. B Lovee’s EP showed more of his character as a person & an artist. The Don Q feature proved he can keep up with the heavyweights. B Lovee seems to have the right focus in his career & is successfully standing out from the crowd.

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