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Astroworld Accountability

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

In all recent accounts of the Astroworld tragedy, there has been much

criticism and judgment aimed at Travis Scott and many feel he is solely

responsible for the misfortune. While the rap star has offered condolences

for the families who lost loved ones and expressed his support by paying

for the costs of burials, some feel that he has not adequately compensated

for his involvement in the tragic event.

Should Scott be doing more to compensate for the loss due to the

occurrences of that fatal event? Is he showing his remorse, and is he solely

responsible? These and many other questions are surfacing in wake of the

tragedy. How is the accountability for the mishap being assessed?

While there is speculation around Scott taking action, initiative and

taking a stand during his performance to put a stop to what is being

deemed a “riot”, the question remains regarding him being the only one

who should assume the responsibility.

Scott was the headliner of the festival (it was not considered to be a

concert) and whether he secured the venue and orchestrated the event or

was invited by an outside planner to perform at the venue, the

accountability cannot fall one person or party. There were simply too many

entities involved in developing the event to let blame fall in only one place.

Logistics of an event of this magnitude require several hands on deck

to make it a success. Planners, promoters, enforcers, etc. need to come

together to ensure a great outcome. But just as many hands should be

smeared with the “blood” in an occasion such as Astroworld. While Travis

was the performer at the show, there was a lot more people involved in

getting him to actually take the stage.

Scott is also making due on some sort of restitution by paying for the

burial costs and refunding ticket sales for the show scheduled to take place

the following day, but who else is trying to make amends? Who else is

accepting accountability? This remains to be seen and we hope it will be as

the investigation unfolds.

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