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26AR has Been very relevant in the Brooklyn drill scene over the last few months and has been recognized as the most consistent rapper by “ Talk of the Town”. Even though most people know him from one of his most popular songs, “Maneuver”, his first album “Drench em” has some hits that have made more people pay attention to 26AR. It’s not a surprise that his deluxe album lived up to expectations listeners had from the original album. Bloggers have recognized him too from this project such as Rap Caviar.

Personally, my favorite song from this new project would have to be “2020k” mainly because of the sample added from the song “Listen to your heart”. It makes the song stand out, shows his musical intelligence, and you could tell the song was written from the heart with the emotion behind every bar.

Overall, I would rate this deluxe album a 9/10. Lyrically, all of the songs are definitely a hit as always he did not disappoint. The one missing point is because I would want to see 26AR switch up and try a different type of song or give us a song that more people can relate to and widen his fan base.

In the future, I expect to see a lot more features with people in the industry from him because he does have a lot of eyes on him. I do expect To hear him having a lot more radio plays as well if he keeps the consistency up.

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