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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Varie is most definitely an interesting artist to listen to, from the few selections of music I heard I can point out various styles. But this “5 Hours” track in particular is a song ANYONE would enjoy in the car and even with headphones it can get you in your zone. To me, this song serves as a medium to get you through disappointments, letdowns, and heartbreaks. This song is going to keep you looking and moving forward toward your next best move and into a space where you are focused on your “leveling up”.

“I'm feeling so low, so misguided — and even if you told me sorry shawty you still did me low, now you trying to be ting because a n*gga in his glow, and now I have to let you go because a n*gga soon to blow…”

Although the pain exists, Varie is focused on the path toward his success. I really appreciated his laidback rhythm and flow — it created an immersive dynamic between his vocals and the instrumental, which was beautifully produced. His YouTube handle is “Varie - Topic”, so subscribe and tune into his musical creations. He has the ability to create an R&B-type vibe for the ladies and provide tunes that bump for the fellas — if he continues to stay consistent with the development of his craft, we could potentially hear Varie’s music on larger platforms real soon!

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