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10kdunkin continues his 2023 run with “OPPS FANNED OUT / SOS TRIPPIN”. The beginning of the two-part single, produced by Sensei, pays homage to a familiar old R&B sound while staying true to 10kdunkin’s signature smooth trap flow and Pluggnb production. Half way through the track, a recording of Allen Iverson’s iconic “I’ma win regardless” quote plays, perfectly symbolizing the feeling this track gives. The quote transitions into upbeat, 80s Pop inspired production that perfectly compliments the Atlanta artist’s heavy hitting bars. 10kdunkin proves his diversity as an artist on this track while continuing to provide his fans with tracks perfect for hot summer days or late nights out.

About 10kdunkin:

Devon Derry, better known as 10kdunkin, is a recording artist hailing from Cobb County, Georgia. His discography began in 2016 with the release of his first EP, “TENSEI”, followed by two EP’s in 2018 that further widened his audience. In 2019, 10kdunkin began to see exponential growth with several hit singles such as "Luh Da Sound" and "Play". The same year, he was featured on five projects from his group, SOS, which included collaborations with Tony Shhnow, 645AR, and JWitDaBeam. 10kdunkin continued his successful streak into 2020 with two mixtapes, an EP, and collaborative projects with ATL Smook and Tony Shhnow.

Known as one of the first true pioneers of the Atlanta Pluggnb scene, 10kdunkin has become a renowned artist and has undoubtedly solidified his spot in the game. His music is a reflection of his experiences growing up in Georgia and resonates with fans across the world. 10kdunkin has a natural talent for creating catchy hooks and delivering memorable verses, which has earned him a loyal following and critical acclaim.

As his career continues to grow, 10kdunkin remains dedicated to producing music that is authentic and true to his artistry. With each new release, 10kdunkin continues to push genre boundaries and inspire a new generation of artists.

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